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August 2008, post 3

last one. From here on out we're live.

August 2008, green beans

The first batch of green bean processing for the year.

Left to Right:
Dilly Beans, Rubus-Vaccinium Conserve, and Herbed Green Beans

August 2008, week 1

July 2008

July 7th: Feta Cheese

July 19th: Cherries (first processing)

Unfortunately the jam didn't set and the cherries had to be re-processed. It's been a horrible year for jams and jellies staying syrupy.

June 2008

placeholder for chronological consistency

May 2008, part 2

April 2008

April placeholder

March 2008

March 2008 place holder

First homemade cheese: Mozerella

Ricotta curd draining:

February 2008

February place holder