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January 2008

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Rest of 2007

Canning Cherries - July 2007

Elana came over around 11am and 12 hours of canning madness ensued, resulting in 38 jars of cherry comestibles.

Spiced Cherry Jam
Cherry Almond Jam
Cherry Chutney
Cherry Raspberry Conserve
Brandied Cherries

Everything except the brandied cherries was geared for very small batches, so we doubled the jams and conserve and tripled the chutney. Which took forever to cook down to a non-soupy state. Hours. The conserve also took forever to cook to a gelling point. More hours.

The lesson we are supposed to have learned is that you should tackle two, maybe three, recipies in a day and work with very large batches to move quickly through mountains of fruit. I can't think of which recipe I would have skipped. And we didn't try the Cherry Marmalade. Or Cherries in Chocolate Liquer. Or Cherry Pie Filling.

It's hard to leave cherries behind to tackle raspberries with so many lovely things that I didn't make. And there are still some strawberries at the fruit farms, I could backtrack and make the Strawberry-Lemon Marmalade that I didn't get to last month (lots of strawberry jam, instead). But I'd be really unhappy if I didn't get in a few batches of raspberry jam.

We had the first salad out of the garden (with lettuce, nasturtiums, basil, and tiny carrot from the garden) and it was so satisfying. I baked scones to go with dinner so we could eat some of the jam. Very nice.

Of Course I Can! - September 2007

Cupboard and freezer

Canning quince paste with Elana and Kathryn:

Harvest - August and September 2007

August 30:
September 4:
September 8:
September 9:
September 11:

Tomatoes and Squash - August 2007

Tim utilized several techniques for supporting the fruits of all his garden labors...

A few more pictures:

And then the garden grew - July 2007

Another bed was added in the back yard, and two new beds on the alleyway side of the back fence:

Containers took over the cement pad in the back yard:

And everything in the originally renovated garden space flourished:
The old garden beds were removed and new garden beds installed in May of 2007 by Tim and Sadie.